ethos pathos asks…Amina Papadopoulos, Founder of Natural Cleansing Brand, Fysha

You wake up every day with good intentions, don’t you? But then something sets the healthy lifestyle routines and beauty rituals off track. Or is that just me?  

To help start healthy habits or to bring us back on track in our wellness journeys, we’ve asked natural cleansing expert Amina Papadopoulos for some simple steps we can all take to be well and do good.

One of the things we love about Fysha is their ethos of minimalism. There are no more than 8 ingredients in their handmade vegan soap, and their beautiful (recyclable, FCS certified paper from FSC certified printer) packaging plus iconic cube shape are aesthetically appealing in their clean, simple lines.

Female Founder, Amina Papadopoulos of Fysha

This is why we can count on Amina to bring us grounded and uncluttered perspective on cultivating daily, mindful wellness routines.

ep: What are your favourite acts of self-care?

ap: I believe my everyday mindful morning routine is essential and non-negotiable as it sets the tone for the day. I begin my day with a glass of lukewarm water, 10 minutes of meditation and a holistic, nutritional breakfast. This is followed by a morning skincare routine.

ep: We can’t wait to hear more about your skincare. Sounds like you’re committed to each part of your morning ritual.

ap: All of these aid me in being mindful for the busy day ahead.

ep: what are some simple things you do for your skin that you suggest we could all do?

ap: For my Face, I prefer to keep my morning routine to a minimum, but I do spend a bit of extra time on my skin. I make sure my skin gets everything it needs in five minutes.

ep: What’s your favourite facial cleanser?

ap: I always cleanse my face in the morning with Fysha Lemongrass & Detox Charcoal Soap (it is an absolute essential for me!). And, after a mindful cleanse, I use an organic, chilled rose water as a toner and then apply SPF moisturiser.

ep: Any other favourite acts of self-care?

ap: In the evening, on alternate days either I go for a walk to connect with nature and do yoga to connect with my body.

ep: Is there anything you’re doing for “getting ready for summer” self-care?

ap: In the spring and summer, I find Grapefruit and Dead Sea Mud soap to be helpful with summer body prep as it promotes smoother skin.

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