Our Brands

We are delighted to share our favourite European wellness brands for mind, body and home! Each has been carefully selected for their unique offerings as well as  our shared conscious values - not to mention absolutely beautiful products.

We trust you'll enjoy them as much as we do.

Abhati Suisse

Harper’s Bazaar Conscious Beauty Award Winner

Swiss high performance botanical formulas.

Abhati Suisse makes beauty born from a vision of combining two worlds: advanced Swiss beauty technology with Indian Ayurvedic tradition. Its high- performance formulas with sublime textures and extraordinary fragrances make each treatment a holistic journey for well-being. And their products are infused with potent botanical actives for hair, face and body through the proprietary Abhati ComplexTM.

Abhati Suisse

Bastet Noir

Zero waste, woman owned, sustainable clothing brand

We create custom, bespoke fabulous clothing that suit your personal style and fit, flatter and follow your body shape.

Our pieces are manufactured in small production studios in North Macedonia by women single parents and women micro entrepreneurs.

Our on-demand production promotes sustainability by reducing waste and is environmentally conscious and friendly. By not keeping inventory, we eliminate unnecessary waste and make high quality fashion pieces, personalized to fit you in every way.

Bastet Noir

Bianca Bikinis

With BiancaBikinis we offer eco-friendly swimwear, with a modern and essential design, the best fit, and a particular attention on technical details, to create unique experience riding with them. Nothing beats a bikini that is designed for water women. All our designs are created with a reliable fit, tops with criss-cross backs and bottoms that feel like a perfect skin for the ocean. Our suits will stay on, even when you're out there crushing it in the water. Go enjoy the water while we think about the bikini. 

Designed next to the ocean around the world and manufactured in Italy with love. 

Bianca Bikinis



Natural incense blends created with sensory pleasure in mind. Made by hand from sacred plants.

Our goal is to create the most pure incense blends for at-home rituals and meditation practice.

We believe that incense goes far beyond aroma. When made with good intention, it is a great medium to help us connect to our nature, to change our perception and to bring a deeper sense of well-being and stillness.

Fenix, a state of mind.

Fenix Incense

Flower and Spice

Flower and Spice is a modern, high-end brand built around premium organic ingredients and formulas. Flower and Spice began as—and remains—a labor of love for the human body and the world around us. Driving inspiration from nature, we expertly blend selected flowers and spices into our products ensuring the highest level of efficacy and wellbeing. From our pure formulations to our recyclable packaging, allow Flower and Spice to nurture your skin—and the planet.

Flower and Spice


Lux Health Beauty and Wellness Awards 2021: Best Handmade Cleansing Product Brand - London

Fysha was born from the union of two words; the ‘FYS’ from the Greek word ‘FYSI,’ meaning nature and the ‘HA’ from handmade. These two principles work in harmony to create our luxurious, nourishing soaps that respect the synergy between handmade production methods and nature. We believe luxury is bountiful in nature and take pride in hand-producing eco-gentle, extra virgin olive oil soaps that hydrate and protect your skin while appreciating the power of the natural world.

Why soap? For us it’s simple. Cleansing is the first and most important step that precedes everything else in skincare. It is the foundation for healthy, luminous skin for face, hands and body. Gently purifying your skin, while respecting its delicate balance is essential for skin that glows with health.

At Fysha, we want to make your skin glow with the purity of our ingredients and your soul smile with our commitment to nature



The KAKURU jewellery store and workshop opened in central Athens in 2017 by the designer Elina Kakourou.

Her collections pay homage to the natural beauty of her birthplace, the Peloponnese, and to the expression of human emotions. Elina designs distinctive jewellery that combines elegance and simplicity. Ideas are moulded with natural materials from Greece –a fusion of olive wood, semi-precious stones and metal– to form and inform her collections. Each collection is unique, introducing different emotions and aspirations.

Every piece is handmade in our workshop by the designer herself along with the team who share her passion for creation and sense of style.

KAKURU Jewelry

Mar Galliti Skincare

The story began with 4000 lavender seedlings - perhaps even earlier when as a child I helped my parents with the bees or when I was trying to keep my tiny little garden weed-free next to my mother's big garden. I discovered what to do with these splendid herbs and began formulating organic and natural skin care products.

I want more than to put the scent of a herbal garden or forest in a bottle with my products, which contain the best quality essential oils, but also the delight of bird songs and leaves blowing in the wind. I want to invoke the refreshing wind after a summer rain, a moonlit rose garden or the scent of hay bales on the field. I offer these in the perfect synergy complemented by other nourishing plant oils and extracts. For me sustainability, awareness, social sensitivity, love of nature and animals is not something extra, but a philosophy in all I do.

-- Zita --


Maru Meleniou | ceramic art & design lab

Ceramic Art & Design Lab

My background is rooted in art & design. I have studied graphic design in Athens and worked as a designer at an animation studio and creative labs.

My transition to ceramics came from the need to actually touch my 2D ideas and images and bring them into 3D existence. At this time of life I was going through a personal process where the solitude, the repetitive and transformative nature of working with clay was an absorbing exploration. I devoted myself to this practice.

While living and working in Japan I immersed in the raw nature of the elements and the appreciation of ceremony in everyday life. That was a life changing experience. I am interested in the art of living, inspired by the ordinary, the essential and by the interaction we have with objects on a daily basis. How small details, different tastes influence our moods and choices.

Maru Meleniou | ceramic art & design lab


Pastisse is an authentic, creative, sustainable brand of table linens, home décor and accessories. The originality and authenticity of Pastisse are found in each creation, inspired by Provence. Exclusive patterns and colour palettes are invented every season. Pastisse celebrates artisanal and artistic creation with each pattern, hand-drawn by artistic director Lucille Pialot.

We implement sustainable, local, ethical, and responsible production processes using natural or recycled materials.



Sitre is a Danish sex wellness company that makes products that care for both the mental and physical parts of intimacy. Because our mind matters as much as our body, so it's time we start considering both.

We work with the leading experts in Denmark, who are pioneering within natural skincare. we share the belief that simple is good - there is no need to add lots that's either not needed or simply bad for your body. The result is products full of simple and good ingredients. We're allergy-friendly, vegan, without any bad stuff such as glycerin, perfume or parabens.

Our bottles are made from recycled plastic and our packaging and sizzle pack are FSC-certified.


Tatami Home

T A T A M I Home will take you on a journey towards a harmonious and simple life where deep sleep and relaxation are the main source of your wellness. We want you to enjoy a new vitality, energy and ease. Thanks to our natural fabrics, organic cushion fillings and expert craftsmanship, your life will be accompanied by beautiful and durable handmade objects. We focus on the highest quality of our materials we use – so that the items we create are not only beautiful and comfortable, but they will also serve you for long.

T A T A M I Home is all about the beauty of simplicity and finding meaning in minimalism, which is the real contemporary luxury. 

Welcome to TATAMI HOME.

Tatami Home

Sun & Rise

“Accessing our inner wisdom through olfactive rituals and breathwork.”  

Kim Gerlach, she/her, is a scent practitioner and breathworker. Her olfactive work is focused on the cultivation of presence and the creation of new pathways our bodies and minds can follow to heal.

Sun & Rise