Our Ethos

We believe that taking care of our personal wellness is intrinsically linked to the wellness of our planet and the people who create our products. We seek to promote:

  • Conscious materials and ingredients

  • Environmentally considerate packaging and products

  • Fair production and pricing

  • Honouring heritage methods, artisans, local and small batch production

  • Female founders and ethical entrepreneurs as a priority

Our Pathos

We want you to feel a connection to our ethics, empathetic to our social causes and trusting that we will choose brands and products to help you and your loved ones be well and do good.

We have a specific idea of 'beautiful' based on the eloquent poetry of Hollie McNish that, upon reading, set the entire ethos pathos journey in motion:


If the girl who made your skirt’s not paid

you cannot say it’s beautiful

if the pay is less than living wage

you cannot say it’s beautiful

if the coloured dyes now lie in rivers

poisoned fish, polluted waters

if there’s no sick pay, no toilet breaks

if the factories are in decay

no matter what your mirror says

or how stylish you might look today

you cannot claim it’s beautiful

— Hollie McNish