ethos pathos asks… Vegan, Handmade Candle Brand Founder Elena Petri-Sieverding of Arancia e Vinifera

It is a well known fact that our sense of smell is linked to memory and emotion - two important factors when cultivating a mindul lifestyle and a focus on self-care practices. We've been in touch with Elena Petri-Sieverding founder of Arancia e Vinifera to find our more about her sustainable brand's vegan, handmade candles as well as how her role as a Pilates trainer working holistically with people, helping them adopt new functional, movement patterns, recover and workout mindfully.

Elena Petri-Sieverding founder of Arancia e Vinefera  sustainable brand's vegan, handmade candles


ep: As a Pilates trainer and entrepreneur starting your own line of candles, what are your thoughts on finding balance in body, mind and home?

eps: For me the connection between body mind and home is really powerful. A clean and neat home is essential to keep my mind and soul calm. A peaceful environment helps me relax, think and be productive. For example, I never skip two things in my routine. Clean up the kitchen before I go to bed, and make the bed every morning without exception. Doing this, I always wake up and make my coffee in peace and quiet. Then I take my mat, light up a candle according to my mood and start my gentle morning stretches.

Since I remember myself, I always had a very picky and sensitive olfaction. A smell can make me feel blissful or upset. It is scientifically proven that smells create emotions, wake up memories and affect our inner self. This is why I decided to work hard on this and offer people the chance to feel, daydream and travel with their minds through the scents of my hand poured candles.

ep: What are your favourite acts of self-care?

eps: Oh that’s my favourite part of the day! We shouldn’t see self-care as something egoistic, but as gift to ourselves to fill up energy and be able to offer love, care and attention to our loved ones and to the people that we interact with. Personally, I truly appreciate a morning and evening shower with natural soap. This might seem a boring routine. But once you pay attention to the moment that you wake up your body or you wash of the day, the perspective changes. I also love dry brushing massage before the morning shower, some moments of breathing under the sun and long walks to clear my thoughts.

ep: Let’s discuss your wellness rituals! We know you do Pilates? How do you work movement and strength into your day/week?

Elena is a certified Pilates instructor, demonstrating doing the splits

eps: Yes! I am a certified Pilates teacher and ballet dancer. That means that I move a lot! I think that’s why I chose this path. Movement is medicine for me.

I usually start my day with a gentle warm up and stretching and then I go to classes. I try to work out 6 times per week, unless my body tells me not to. Then I just listen and rest.

I adjust my workout program according to my needs and I always want variety. I combine warm up, strength, coordination, control and balance in my programs. I love balancing on difficult surfaces a lot and I find it a meditative process. All the energy is concentrated on the full control of the body. I also experiment a lot with movement and find out my own exercises. I find it a bit boring to repeat same things constantly. Generally I have a playful approach towards movement. I enjoy it, my students too!

Before we close, I would like to emphasise on the fact that not every day is the same, and there is no perfection. We are humans and we have our own struggles. Of course not all my days are dreamy and go as planned. I get tired, unmotivated, I fail. I just find it important to make at least one positive thought of the day before bedtime.

ep: Thank you for sharing you invaluable perspectives. We wish you well with building your brand and can't wait to be able to buy your lovely candles.

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