Why Do A Spring Cleanse?

I just signed up for a 14 Day More Energy Cleanse from The Blissful Space thanks to a special offer* from FYSHA, one of the brands we support here at ethos pathos.

It is time, once again, to let go of the unhealthy habits I’ve picked up over the course of the last 18 months. I know it’s time because I wake up tired and experience gut imbalances, mood swings and depression. Also, somewhere in the back of my mind, I do know that Irish butter and truffle potato chips plus a decent Chardonnay does not equal supper. Pretty genius insight, there.

I wanted to share my experience doing a cleanse and why I find them helpful so, from May 2nd until May 16th, I will be posting on social media as I go. I also want to take a closer look at the benefits of doing a guided cleanse with the help of someone like certified life coach and founder of The Blissful Space, Rebecca Allgauer.


ertified life coach and founder of The Blissful Space, Rebecca Allgauer.


For me, it all comes down to neuroscience. A few years ago, I took an introductory course to neuromarketing. Combined with information gleaned from the book Buddha’s Brain by Dr Rick Hanson, I was better able to understand how bad habits such as shopping fast fashion or eating fast food had come into my life and why they were hard habits to kick.

Our brains are, essentially, programmed to take the path of least resistance as brains themselves use a large number of calories in order to function. Simply put, our brains prefer to be on autopilot, as to not have to go beyond meeting basic needs. This is where instant gratification and known decision making factors dominate the decision-making process (IE having a certain amount of money in your bank account means price is a factor that will not be beat out by eco-info or feeling thirsty but having forgotten your reusable water bottle means buying water in a plastic bottle instead of feeling poorly because of dehydration.)

coffee is elimintaed during the diegtary cleanse


This mindset is why grabbing quick empty calories, feel-good-in-the-moment junk food and emotional eating happen even though we know better. Need energy? Sugar and caffeine. Need a change of mood? Wine. Feeling sad? Dairy and carbs. These neuropathways are like our original factory settings. There is definitely room for improved, more advanced pathways to be used in healthier habits!

For me, being on a structured cleanse program crafted and directed by someone else gives my brain a break while changing my unhealthy habits and reinstating better ones. I have very little thinking to do about the logistics. I just have to follow along with the well-thought-out instructions.

That’s not to say there isn’t an emotional component that needs tending to. Thankfully the cleanse I will start is holistic and includes activities and suggestions for journaling, discussion and reflection. As my brain will want to resist change and effort, I am aware that this is a crucial component of getting back to healthier choices. I also appreciate that this particular cleanse has a 2-day, pre-cleanse prep to ready my mind, body and home for the cleanse ahead. Then, there is a 5-day re-introduction phase that allows me to put the foods and habits that work for me into a regular routine while leaving behind those that don’t.

I’m looking forward to this cleanse even though I will be giving up coffee, wine and crisps. My hope is that by adding in foods I’ve abandoned in favour of convenience and emotional eating, I will be focused on the abundance of choice and not deprivation. If I look at my current diet, it’s actually quite deprived, repetitive and boring. Giving it a boost will not only bring more nutrition to my world, it will also bring about a different kind of emotional eating: eating for joy, energy and health.

Do follow along on Instagram and Facebook as I give insight into my journey through a guided cleanse. Can’t wait to share with you!

Take good care of yourself,



* This is not an ad. I am paying for this cleanse as part of my own health & wellness regime and am taking advantage of a special offer for those who have subscribed to FYSHA’s email list. To find out more, contact FYSHA before May 30th 2022

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