ethos pathos asks…Holistic Nutritionist and Health Coach, Paola Kontiza

This week we ask Holistic Nutritionist and Health Coach, Paola Kontiza for tips and suggestions on self-care and wellness.

Welcome to the Journal!  

We are starting our journal with a series called “ethos pathos asks… “ where we spend time with health and wellness professionals to get their best tips and suggestions. In this post, we will be focusing on nutrition from someone who helped me get my wellness back on track after a difficult health period. 

Mindful living with Nutritionist and Health Coach Paola Kontiza

Paola Kontiza is a nutritionist, dietitian, health coach, and holistic and functional nutrition specialist. Having studied nutrition at The School of Dietetics in Montpellier, France, and health coaching at both the Institute for Integrated Nutrition in New York and the Functional Medicine University, also in New York – Paola established her office in Athens, Greece in 2015. 

We first met last year when I had been struggling with symptoms of PMDD (PreMenstrual Dysphoric Disorder). I knew I had gotten off track with my food and drink which had exasperated the situation. I had been drinking too much coffee as a substitute for good sleep and hydration. Plus, like so many people, I had been drinking too many cocktails and glasses of wine as a substitute for being mindful during stressful Covid restrictions. Don’t get me started on the cake issue. I’m gluten intolerant and cake is my weakness.

I ended up boosting my nutrient intake in a gentle way and spent 6 weeks focused on self-care, gut health and switching out unhealthy choices for healthier ones. Of course, I felt much better, with my energy restored and feeling more in control of my moods. What I enjoyed about the transition was the ease. If I was missing the morning vegan double cappuccino, I could make an equally enjoyable matcha latte and know the substitution had more health benefits. 

I don’t think we should compromise when it comes to taking care of ourselves and I recognised that while drinking the coffee or margarita might have feelings of immediate gratification, the lasting impact was indeed a compromise. Lesson learned: treats shouldn’t make you sick. After adjusting my lifestyle and nutrition, I committed to only eating cake at birthdays and even then, I found myself not wanting the aftereffects. Finding better ways to treat myself became a fun challenge.

Healthy eating

When it came time to develop our wellness community, Paola was one of the first people I turned to to discuss the ways she looks after herself and her clients

"Healthy eating does not have to be difficult, boring or tasteless. Food is above all a delight, and my goal is to help you always follow a delicious but balanced diet that will please you and keep you healthy." Paola Kontiza

ep: Is there one food or drink you like to eat/drink for energy?

pk: My favourite energy drink is matcha tea. It gives me energy that lasts and on top of that it is very high in antioxidants. My energy foods are dried fruits like dried figs or dates combined with some nuts, dark chocolate and bananas.

ep: We love matcha tea! And now that the weather is warmer, it’s really nice iced. 

What tips would you give someone to naturally boost their mood?

pk: Exercise to boost their endorphins! Even a 20 minute walk per day is excellent to start.

And, everyday- even for 10 minutes-doing something that makes them happy!

ep: To that we say… shall we dance or is it cheating to combine the two activities? 

What tips would you give someone to naturally boost their mood?

pk: Sleeping enough. At least 7-8 hours per night starting before 00:00.

ep: Okay, that’s doable! What are your favourite acts of self-care?

pk: My morning drink: warm water with lemon-ginger-turmeric, and exercise.

ep: oOo we do warm lemon water. Next time we’re adding the ginger and turmeric! What are your favourite acts of self-care?

pk: Massage once every two weeks and Epsom salt baths. 

ep: Perfection. What tips would you give someone to naturally boost their mood?

pk: Treating their gut by eating healthy and anti-inflammatory foods and avoiding all the "poisonous" ones. The brain-gut connection is well known now: 90% of our serotonin is made in our gut so by healing it, our mood is getting better.

ep: We couldn’t agree more.

Thank you for taking the time to join us!

Paola Kontiza can be found online at and on Instagram at @paola_naturalhealing

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