Recovery, Rediscovery and Some Witchy Business

Recently, I reached out to my network to ask for experiences and community as I continue my post-COVID healing journey. From brain fog and post-exertion fatigue to depression and disrupted menstrual cycles, many people I spoke with could relate.

I’m not alone in the pandemic’s effects on my work and business, either. Not to be all gloom and doom but with the world in chaos, sustainable, independent businesses have taken a hit.

A large part of ethos pathos has always been to find and promote ethical entrepreneurs and now I want to put the focus on one business in particular:


White Witch Connemara Organic Ethical Skincare

White Witch Connemara Organic Ethical Skincare


Based in Galway, Ireland, White Witch is the gold standard of sustainable beauty brands. Unlike mass produced brands who employ green washing tactics, White Witch is authentic in their green practices. Zero compromise and with a decade and a half of being plastic-free, vegan and all the good stuff (plus 1% of their sales goes to, Trees for Ireland), here is a brand that is doing everything right. Our ever-present motto of buy less, buy better includes White Which Connemara as a buy better option.

White Witch Connemara Organic Ethical Skincare

We adore the White Witch gift wrapping!

And, after experiencing difficulties and planning a move as a knock-on effect from the pandemic et al - they could certainly use your orders just now. In a heartfelt email to her followers, founder, Ruth Ruane said,

“I understand that everyone is struggling with bills and at the moment many of us are prioritising holidays and spending time with family and friends after the long lock down.”

Knowing this is true for many of us, it’s important that we are conscious in our shopping choices and where we invest our hard-earned money as well as precious time. To that end, here are two suggestions of products I use and love for you, your family members or to gift.

White Witch Connemara Organic Ethical Skincare

Regenerating Skin Balm

I use the Regenerating Skin Balm as a post-shower moisturiser, especially for feet, legs and elbows. The best and most surprising result is that I haven’t had mosquito bites all summer. This is remarkable because mosquitoes think I’m delicious and typically devour me.
White Witch Connemara Organic Ethical Skincare

Nourishing Face Mask

I also regularly use their Nourishing Seaweed Mask which is wonderfully cooling after working out or a hot summer’s day. My 11-year-old son uses it as a spot treatment for blemishes. Along with FYSHA’s (another amazing indie brand we love) Lemongrass and Detox Coconut Charcoal facial cleanser, these are our secret weapons to counter the inevitable mascne that came with school masks mandates and pre-teen skin changes.


White Witch is one of the brands we list in our European Brand Directory of carefully curated brands for body, mind and home. Your essential beauty products can not only serve you, they can also contribute to making the world a better place by supporting indie brands and their founders.


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*We are not paid to advertise or promote any of our brands just now. This is my honest feedback and attempt to support ethical entrepreneurs and conscious consumers.

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