My Mindful Skincare Routine: A FYSHA Product Review

Hello everyone,

I’ve got a product review for you!

For the last year I’ve had the chance to test a new product that was gifted to me by my dear friend, Amina Papadopoulos, founder of the considered, natural skincare brand, FYSHA. I’m delighted to tell you how my experience went. (Hint: very, very well!)


In beauty culture, there is a huge emphasis on how our skin looks. We sometimes forget that our skin is a functioning organ that protects us from the harsh world around us. I feel we should be treating it gently and with minimal interferences so that it can do its job! The job it is perfectly designed to do.

This is probably why I enjoy FYSHA so much. I trust their less-is-more philosophy.

Their new product is a Fina Silk Sea Sponge for face. This sponge fits in the palm of your hand and is firm when dry but softens up once wet. I like the smooth texture and that it doesn’t excessively drip plus it comes in a reusable travel pouch.

Fina Silk Sea Sponge for Face FYSHA

As FYSHA is a chemical-free brand, this sponge comes unbleached. And, because FYSHA is also an ethical brand, they ensure both their Calypso Body Sponge and the Fina Silk Sea Sponge for face are sustainably harvested using traditional methods in the Mediterranean Sea surrounding Kalymnos, Greece.

My Minimal Skincare Routine

I have an extremely minimal skincare routine for my mature and hormonal skin thanks to FYSHA: I use FYSHA’s Fina Silk Sea Sponge with their Rose Geranium & French Red Clay soap once or twice a day.

Typically, in the morning, I wash my face in the shower with a wet Fina sponge that I use to create a rich lather of FYSHA soap before applying to my face. Using circular motions, I focus on my t-zone and chin as this is where I tend to have monthly hormonal breakouts. Then I rinse with cool water and pat my face to dry. I follow this up with an all-natural moisturizing SPF and my skin is refreshed to start the day.

Rose Geranium & French Red Clay handmade Fysha soap

I know that FYSHA founder, Amina, does things a bit differently. She first uses a wet Fina sponge on her face to exfoliate and increase circulation applying it in circular motions to reveal smoother, healthier skin. Then, she washes her face with FYSHA’s Lemongrass & Detox Coconut Charcoal soap (which is good for oily or blemished skin).

In the evening, I use the sponge and soap combination to remove make-up on the first go. Then I rinse and repeat to ensure a thorough cleanse – being careful with mascara removal from delicate eye areas, should I have worn any. If it’s a heavy eye makeup day or a bright lipstick day, I might apply a bit of coconut oil before cleansing to assist in the removal process. If it’s a no makeup day, I follow my morning cleanse to remove pollution, impurities and daily grime from my face.

Lasts For Years with Proper Care

After every use, my sponge gets rinsed and squeezed and left to dry on my soap dish. Once every couple of weeks, I soak my sponge in some water and baking soda to give it a little refresh. After a year of use, it’s still in excellent condition (see image). I’m pretty impressed.

Real beauty Minimal skincare routine

So this is my make-up removing, circulation stimulating, gentle daily exfoliating, aromatherapy, mindful moment, anxiety relieving cleansing routine for my face. It never lets me down and it removes many, many steps to skincare research/shopping/spending/using so that even on my lowest energy days, I can usually still manage. Along with trying to drink plenty of water, this ensures my skin is healthy, functioning well and maintaining its glow.

I hope you’ve found this review useful. It can be tricky navigating the clean beauty industry with so much misinformation out there and my goal is to bring some clarity by speaking about my own experiences.

Take care,


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